Piha Beach 1 Day Surfer Girl

1 & 2 Day Surf Tour

Seeking a fun-filled and exhilarating day in the sparkling New Zealand surf?  We have what you’re looking for…

Our 1 and 2 day surf tours include surf lessons for beginners, intermediate surfers or those wanting to perfect a certain aspect of their technique to really enjoy their time in the water!

Surf lesson Piha Beach, Auckland

Self Drive Surf Lesson

Drive yourself out to Piha beach, the home of modern surfing in New Zealand and one of the most consistent surf spots in the country. We provide instruction by our passionate team and all the gear.

Get the freedom to arrive well before the lesson or stay to watch the beautiful sunsets the West Coast provides.

Surf tour accommodation at Ahipara, Northland

5, 7 & 14 Day Surf Tour

The ultimate surfing adventure!

New Zealand is one of the last great surfing destinations.

The sport of royals! A way of life few are lucky to experience, learn the skills that is the art of surfing, in the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Breaking wave on Piha Beach Auckland

Custom Packages

Looking for something a little different for your corporate group, team or want one-to-one tuition?  We have the solution! Our Surf Taster package provides the perfect platform that will set the scene for the day.

You can surf already and want us to take you on a tour to uncrowded waves? We can tailor a tour just for you, email us!

Group of snowboarder boys on weekend snow tour Mount Ruapehu

Weekend Snow Tour

Looking to get away from a dull, wet weekend in Auckland and have some fun?  

Sit back, relax, take risk out of driving tried – we’ll transport you to Mt. Ruapehu and arrange everything including cosy accommodation, daily breakfast, Saturday night dinner and the ski-field shuttle.

Make the most of your ski trip!

Girl learning to snowboard on snow tour on Mount Ruapehu

Learn-it Package

This all inclusive package is aimed at the beginner. Your first time skiing or snowboarding, this deal is perfect!

We’ll arrange transport, lessons, passes, gear hire, accommodation, breakfast, Saturday night dinner and ski-field shuttle.

No need to drive tired, relax and let us get you there!

Established in 2001, we were known as New Zealand Surf ‘n’ Snow Tours for 13 years.  We have re-branded ourselves as Rapu which in Maori means ‘to seek’ and, we feel, captures the quest to find that perfect New Zealand adventure. During summer, we offer both day and multi-day Surf Tours. During winter, whether you are a skier, snowboarder or an outdoor adventurer we have snow tour options for you.